We have several Greyhounds looking for their Forever Homes and more arriving all of the time.  Maybe one of them is your Forever Friend!

We are a Windsor/Essex County based group although we do adopt across Ontario and into the U.S.A on occasion. If you are applying from any distance from our area, you must be able and willing to come to our facilities to meet your potential Greyhound and fulfill our application requirements. Also, we require one of our representatives to be within reasonable distance from your area to be able to help out if required. Thanks!


Greyhound Pets of America – Canada (GPA-C)

With dozens of Greyhounds Adopted and counting, GPA-C  is the only local Greyhound Adoption Group located in the area of Windsor & Essex County.


Greyhounds are intelligent, affectionate, and friendly dogs who thrive on attention, human companionship & make terrific pets.

Just Go Greyhound!

Consider meeting a greyhound “in person” at one of our events. Greyhound Pets of America Canada (GPA-C) regularly schedules events where you will have an opportunity to spend some time with these beautiful dogs and speak with one of our representatives.



Without fostering, there can be no GPA-C Greyhound rehoming. Our Foster Families are our greatest resource!

Foster homes are Always Needed!

Do you have the time and love for a greyhound but would rather help many of these wonderful hounds get used to life in a home, rather than helping just one or two? Well, consider completing the application and begin fostering!



We rely on donations and sponsorships to keep bringing GPA-C Greyhounds to the area and finding them homes.

You Can Change Greyhound lives & Help them find a Forever Home

Please Consider a Donation to help the Hounds! 100% of all Donations go directly to support Greyhound Adoption and any needs the Greyhounds may have. You can also sponsor a particular dog as well!



Meet & Greets are held several times a month as are other events like Fundraising Dog Washes and Dog Walks.


We hope to see you at our events where everyone is welcome. Greyhounds love to meet new people and if you already have a greyhound, bring them out to socialize! You may just find your new best friend at a GPA-C Event!


What Does Greyhound Pets of America Canada do? We’ll Tell You!

We are glad you took the time to stop by and learn more about these beautiful, intelligent dogs.

GPA-C facilitates the adoption of retired racing Greyhounds throughout Windsor,  Essex County and a large part of Southwestern Ontario. We even adopt back into the USA  and have been happy to reunite littermates in their Forever Home as far away as New Jersey!

Volunteers for fostering and to help at our events are always welcome and valued so please, check for more information on how YOU can help Greyhounds find their Forever Families!

GPA-C is run entirely by volunteers and depends on fundraising and donations for it’s operation, with 100% going directly to the benefit of the Greyhounds.


Canadian Registered Charity #80854 6394 RR0001

Greyhound Pets of America – Canada (GPA-C) is an all volunteer, charitable organization that is committed to finding responsible loving homes for retired Greyhounds, to ensure a smooth transition between racing life and home life, to acquaint the public with the desirability of Greyhounds as pets, and to inform them of the availability of Greyhounds for adoption.

Canadian Registered Charity #80854 6394 RR0001

GPA-C has been established to promote adoption of retired racing Greyhounds in Canada, concentrating on the Southwestern Ontario area. We support a neutral stance on racing as our primary goal is to find these wonderful dogs loving, responsible homes once they have finished their working lives at the track. If anything, our outlook can be called Pro Greyhound!

GPA-C Greyhounds are veterinarian checked, spayed/neutered & fully vaccinated. Also included in the adoption fee is a martingale collar, leash, plus a warm coat with snood. Our current Adoption fee is $650 (subject to change) with Seniors 8 yrs and over at a special discounted rate.

After filling out the GPA-C Adoption Application, you will receive a phone call within a couple of days to further discuss your potential adoption and to set up a convenient time for a home-check.

On home check day, one of our seasoned, professional Greyhound Home-checkers will come to your home with wagging tail and make sure it is comfortable and safe for a larger dog like they are! If everything checks out OK then you are on your way to being owned by a GPA-C greyhound!

When you have been picked by a greyhound and everything checks out, a day for the Adoption will be scheduled and at that time, the Adoption Contracts will be discussed, signed and the adoption fee will be payable.

Follow up checks are also done after homing the greyhound to make sure things are working out for both yourself and the greyhound. At any time if you have questions or concerns regarding your new Greyhound, please contact us on Facebook, Email or phone and we will do all we can to help. If possible, remember to join us on our weekly Pack walks or at one of our events so that your Greyhound can keep in touch with his or her Greyhound buddies!

If for any reason you are unable to keep the dog, the dog must be returned to GPA-C and not handed into another rescue or person without GPA-C written consent.  When you adopted a dog from GPA-C, you signed a legally binding contract which states you will return the dog to GPA-C in the event you are unable to keep it. However, we will do our utmost to work with you if you have a suitable home in mind for the dog.  The donation adoption fee will NOT be refunded if the dog is returned.

Greyhound Pets of America Inc. is the largest national volunteer organization dedicated to finding loving homes for Greyhounds from racetracks across the USA. Through community service work, volunteers raise public awareness that these purebred ex-racing dogs make excellent, loving pets and that they are available for adoption into qualified homes.



Please support them when possible as they have supported us!