Senior greyhounds, especially brood matrons or “Broodies” are very loving and extremely easy to integrate into family life as well as being very willing to please. Greyhounds are generally considered seniors at age 7, although their lifespan averages from 12 to 14.

People who embrace these older dogs know that they are just as full of life, love and fun as any other younger greyhound!


Why adopt a Senior? 

There are many advantages to an older dog – they are calmer and rarely have separation anxiety and are extra sweet and appreciative of all the things a forever family has to offer. With their more mature natures they make wonderfully attentive and happy companions.

The bottom line is that they are just easier in many cases. Many people are afraid to adopt one of these very loving older dogs because they believe that their days with a senior will be too limited. That could possibly be the case but that could also be true with any adopted dog regardless of age. Even though the average life span of a Greyhound is typically 13 years or so, there are many that live even longer – as much as 20 years old in some rare cases!

It takes a very loving, kind and special person to open their hearts and homes to an older dog but those that do adopt one of these sweet seniors end up saying that they’ll always have room for a senior Greyhound in their lives. There is also nothing like the sweet heart shaped face of a senior Greyhound to tug at your heart strings.

Adopt a Senior Greyhound and receive a discount on your adoption fee as a Thank You for opening your heart and home to one of these special older dogs.