INFORM US ASAP @ 519-915-4444
GPA-C adopted Greyhound owners are contractually obligated to inform us immediately upon knowledge that their GPA-C hound is loose. We also welcome you to contact us even if the lost Greyhound is not from our organization. We will do the very best to recover/get back home ANY lost or Found Greyhound in our area.

Have You Lost Or Found A Greyhound?

Have you FOUND a Greyhound that is wearing Greyhound Pets of America – Canada (GPA-C) identification tags OR a Greyhound Without Tags or Identification?

Please call 519-915-4444 or Toll Free 1-800-366-1472 and we will arrange to pick up the Greyhound and return it to it’s family. We can Identify Greyhounds through their Tattoos and trace their families even if they are not a GPA-C Greyhound.

If you have LOST a Greyhound

Try not to panic. Being as calm as possible will help you to take the necessary steps as smoothly and QUICKLY as you can! We are NON JUDGEMENTAL and know that many circumstances can occur for you to lose your pet. Our primary concern is to get the Greyhound home as soon as possible!

First, CALL US! 


or Toll Free 1-800-366-1472

A “Lost Greyhound” kit can be helpful in your search for a lost Greyhound.
These should include the following:

GPS on your cell phone is great but a paper map will allow you to mark the areas you have searched. Using a Grid method is generally best for search.

A charger and/or extra batteries can be helpful.

For writing phone numbers or other information.

For putting up Flyers and Notices

Useful for fastening flyers where staples won’t do.

Even if the dog was wearing a collar he or she may have slipped it in their panic.

Cans of smelly food like tuna also works well.

You can also bring portable dog waterers but a bowl you can place on the ground for a lost dog to find.

Hopefully you won’t need it but it is best to have one on hand.

Glow sticks are also useful for night searches.

If you don’t have binoculars, a camera with a long range lens can also be useful to see distances.

Can be bought at Canadian Tire. Please Keep in mind some spooky dogs do not like the squawker.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to call us, do it now!

The faster you call us, the faster help can be on it’s way to your location to help facilitate the return of your lost Greyhound. We have a large network of people that can (and will!) come to help but we can’t do that unless we know that your Greyhound is lost! Most greyhounds are found within a mile or two of where they were lost, but you will need help as that is a lot of area to cover.

   Prepare a Flyer

If you print them on the most fluorescent or brightest eye catching paper possible they will be more easily seen. The area should be as saturated as possible with your flyers so that as many people as possible in the area will know to be on the lookout for your Greyhound.  You may download our Lost Greyhound Flyer Template and add your Greyhound’s information to it so you can quickly get some flyers printed and begin getting the word out!

Knock on doors and give out flyers as you go. If you see any local tradesperson, delivery man, anyone, ask! They may have seen your dog! Be sure to hand out flyers to everyone you see on the street. Most people will be sympathetic and gladly take your flyer and pass along any sightings.

 Get the word out!

Call your local Humane Society or Shelter and let them know you have lost your Greyhound. Also, any Veterinarians in the area should also be notified to be on the look out for anyone bringing in a lost Greyhound. City workers can also be very helpful, especially if they are working in the vicinity. They are outside all day doing their jobs and may have spotted a loose dog. Call the local radio station and don’t forget social media can also help. In most cases, our GPA-C volunteers will help with this and do their best to get the word out to as many resources as possible.

When you or your volunteers see the hound, do not to chase! Make the Greyhound think you have no interest. Turn away, don’t make eye contact, sit down on the ground, and..


You may chase the Greyhound out of the territory and make it more difficult to locate him/her again. Running away from him/her in a playful manner will give better results.

Always call to your lost dog with a cheerful, happy voice.

If your dog is spooky and scared to come out but you can see he/she is watching  you, get low to the ground or, better yet, sit on the ground. Avoid eye contact and toss treats in the hound’s direction. You will gain trust through food motivation. If you have a hound with you, give some treats to him/her. A hungry dog  will  be very curious watching another dog eat. Remember to lick your lips and yawn a lot. These are “Calming Signals.”  and will help stressed dogs be less fearful of you.  Have a looped leash handy in case the greyhound approaches close enough but make no sudden movements.