ALL APPLICATIONS CLOSED UNTIL JUNE 15TH, 2019 **We Are Not Accepting ANY New Applications Until After JUNE 15th, 2019

We Can’t Do This Without You! Please Consider Fostering!

Do you have the time and love for a greyhound but would rather help many of these wonderful hounds get used to life in a home, rather than helping just one or two?

Well, consider completing the application and begin fostering!

GPA-C is always in need of wonderful foster families to help these wonderful Greyhounds get used to life as a pet and living in a home after retirement.

Foster families are the backbone of our adoption group and are always needed! 

They provide temporary, loving care for GPA-C greyhounds until they find their forever families.


The rewards of fostering a new greyhound are many and cannot be adequately explained in words. You are giving a greyhound a head start in living in a home. Our foster families help their foster Greyhounds get used to everything from stairs and floor surfaces, to TVs and household noises.

This is truly an opportunity for you to really help these wonderful dogs get the best start in their retirement lives.

One of the things we hear a lot about fostering a Greyhound, is “I’m afraid I will get too attached and fall in love with the Greyhound”. That is very true but remember, “if you adopt, you can help one; if you foster, you can help many.”  This is why many people who foster greyhounds many times adopt their fostered Greyhound but continue to foster afterwards. This also gives their newly adopted Greyhound other Greyhound buddies to hang out with as well as help more Greyhounds to their forever couches.

These wonderful Foster families volunteer to give their time and energy to help our Greyhounds make the transition from racing dog to couch potato. It can be a difficult and sometimes emotional time but there are wonderful compensations. Foster families are often the first to see their grey accomplish stairs, learn to walk on different flooring surfaces and see the furniture and beds that one day they will learn to love.  And the first time a Greyhound sees itself in a mirror can be a time of great fun!  Foster families usually are the first to experience a kiss from their foster greyhound or to see them wag a tail or give a kiss in a home environment. To see these amazing dogs blossom with the help of their foster families is a great reward, indeed!

The hardest moment is usually when it is adoption time. After anywhere from two week to several, it is necessary for the foster family to say goodbye to their guest Greyhound. However, they send them to their forever homes ready and well equipped to become part of their new family.  The foster family knows that whenever they meet again, their fostered Greyhound will remember them and greet them as only old and cherished friends can.

Foster today and make a huge difference in Greyhound lives!

Our Foster Homes are Invaluable!