Considering a Greyhound as part of your family?

Begin your own research to see if a greyhound is right for you.  We suggest you purchase and read “Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies” by Lee Livingood or “Adopting the Racing Greyhound” by Cynthia Branigan. These books can usually be found at local bookstores or at various online retailers such as Amazon.

If you have not had a chance to obtain and read these books, if you Adopt with us, we can arrange for a temporary loan of these books to help you as a new Greyhound parent.

Consider meeting a greyhound “in person” at one of our events. Greyhound Pets of America Canada (GPA-C) regularly schedules events where you will have an opportunity to spend some time with these beautiful dogs and speak with one of our representatives. Please call us and we will be happy to let you know where our next scheduled event will take place or check our Home page or our Events page.

All Greyhounds Adopted through us come with a martingale collar and leash, warm winter coat, as well as the GPA-C Greyhound’s Adoptors Kit filled with information and the greyhound’s toy and quilt.Regular Adoption fees are $500* with Seniors age 8yrs or older at a reduced fee

As well as those items, you are joining a local community of other Greyhound families. You will also be eligible for our Vacation Home Dog Sitting program which makes sure that your Greyhound is not kenneled if you go on vacation! For a Donation you can have your adopted hound watched by his Foster family or another Greyhound savvy home.

*Subject to change

If, after your research, and all members of your family agree that adding a retired Greyhound to your family would be wonderful, you may proceed with the adoption process:

  • Complete your application online or return a hard copy to Greyhound Pets of America – Canada. (Remember, you can call us or email us to request hard copies mailed to you for completion!)

  • Next, we will contact you within 24 hours to set up a phone interview. This is an opportunity to tell you more about the breed, what to expect in the first days and months in your home, and to answer any questions you might have about the breed or our adoption group.

  • An adoption appointment will be set up at this time. All of our dogs are in foster homes and are spayed/neutered and have all their vaccinations, thus eliminating extra wait time to have these veterinarian services performed.  However it does take time to set up an appointment with the foster family to meet your potential Greyhound so please understand that it may take a few days to accommodate all parties. Each Greyhound is typically fostered for no less than two weeks so that we can assess personality and to begin to acclimate the Greyhound to living in a home.

    *GPA-C Policy is to adopt to families with children over the age of 4 yrs, subject to conditions.

  • The adoption meeting usually takes from one to two hours and should be attended by everyone who will be living with the greyhound, if possible. (If you have another dog, please bring him/her with you, too.)  We will suggest the greyhounds that would be the best addition to your family according to your application submission and from the telephone interview. Our adoption co-ordinators have been doing this a long time and will know the dog that will be best suited for your family, thus having a successful transition for both the dog and your family! If there are multiple dogs we think would be potentially a good addition for your family, you may select the one you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • If you decide upon the adoption, the $500.00* fee will be payable at this time. Note: We only take cash or a cheque for adoption fees.
    (*subject to change)

  • Pick up your new greyhound! This usually takes about 45 minutes, during which time you will receive additional information and instructions. (This step may be combined with Step 5 if there is time and you are ready!)

  • ASK QUESTIONS!  We are committed to helping you and your greyhound make a smooth transition. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about your new pet. Our adoption representative will call you within a few days of adoption to see how you and your greyhound are doing. We maintain an ongoing system of support for all our greyhound adopters, staffed by knowledgeable greyhound owners.

  • Come and join us! Greyhound Pets of America – Canada is always looking for volunteers to help spread the word about greyhounds as pets and to help place greyhounds in adoptive homes. Acting as a foster family for a greyhound fresh from the track, Donating and Sponsoring a Greyhound, helping at our Meet and Greets and other events, fundraising, anything you might be able to do to help find loving, responsible, forever families for these wonderful dogs is truly appreciated! The Greyhounds need YOU!

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Yes that’s right, we are always welcoming more Retired Racers! New Greyhounds looking for Forever Homes are ready for Adoption!


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